Welcome to Parquet-Grube24!


We are a parquet flooring retailer based in Germany, with Europe-wide delivery service. Our seat is in the ancient trade city of Leipzig.

Our product line includes parquet and wooden floors of various kinds, cottage-style floor boards, compact boards, wooden paving, staff parquet, XXLong, XXWide, cork, marine-style floors, patio boards, as well as various accessories.

For the most part, we supply parquet produced in Austria and Germany, but we also offer specialty products from various other regions, for instance Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, France, Finland, Italy and overseas.

We exclusively supply certified, high-quality products produced with the latest technology and from sustainable forestry. Parquet should be made to last, and we would like you to enjoy your floors for decades!

Please send us your wishes and requests via e-mail or use our request form. We will promptly provide offers, including transportation.

We look forward to your requests!




Diethelm Grube.